i love coffee in the morning. however, coffee for me usually means too much sugar, too much extras and too much coffee breath for the mister.

so in an attempt to assuage my coffee yearning this morning, i opted for an alo drink. it was aloe vera juice, coconut water and some mango juice. it sounded good, it was healthy, full of potassium and other nutrients and wasn’t a bad price: a buck-fifty for nearly 12 ounces.

alo coco exposed

i drank it. first taste was too much coconut water (i’m not a huge fan). so i stuck it in the fridge for longer and tried again. this time it was fruity, mango-y if you will. i was digging it. then there was a chunk. wtf? i read the bottle again, “contains aloe vera pulp.” i shook the bottle and noticed lots of little chunks. not the “pulp” i was used to in my orange juice. i took another, tentative, drink. it was still good.

i didn’t notice any amazing affects from drinking aloe vera juice, except maybe an active bladder. but it tasted good and is good for you. too many nutrients to really concern myself with the calories (a whole 60 cals!).

p.s. it didn’t assuage the coffee craving.